Choosing A Venue For A Small Wedding: Three Options To Consider

Some couples prefer to keep their wedding guest lists short, providing the opportunity to host a small, more intimate affair. Finding the right venue for a small wedding can be a bit of a challenge for an engaged couple. A traditional wedding hall or banquet facility may provide more space than you need, and some venues may even have a minimum number of required guests. If you are looking to have a small wedding, here are a few venue options to consider. Read More 

3 Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding Reception At A Banquet Hall

If you want to hold your wedding reception inside of a banquet hall that will accommodate a large group of people, eating food as well as dancing later on, here are three tips that should help you save a little money on your banquet hall wedding reception. #1 Get Creative About The Location The first thing you need to do is get creative about the location. When people think of banquet halls, they almost immediately picture a large room inside of a hotel. Read More 

Getting Married? Two Tips To Help You Save Money On Your Wedding Cake

If you're in the planning stages for your wedding, there are a number of important details that you have to attend to.  You need flowers, a dress, the right venue, and a host of other things.  However, one of the most essential parts of your wedding is the cake.  You want a beautiful cake but find that all of the other factors have eaten into your budget so much that you don't have much left for the cake. Read More 

Thinking About A Wedding Venue? 5 Things To Do Before Signing On The Dotted Line

If you're planning a wedding, one of the first tasks that needs to be finalized is to choose a venue -- many of which fill up fast -- that will provide the right atmosphere for your celebration of love. But, it's also not a decision you should rush into, for this very reason. So, how can you have it both ways? By understanding what you need to know and do before you sign that deposit check for a venue. Read More 

A Couple Of Tips For Those Planning Weddings

There are few life events that are more important than your wedding day. Not surprisingly, it can be common for individuals to feel somewhat overwhelmed by the various planning details that must be incorporated into their wedding arrangements. This can lead to individuals making simple oversights that can lead to cost overages and other issues. To help you minimize these risks, you should make sure to keep the following couple of tips in mind when you are making arrangements for your wedding ceremony and reception. Read More