Planning A Farmhouse Wedding? 3 Venue Ideas

A wedding is a big celebration, so you should choose décor, accessories, and wedding venue packages suited to your personality. Today, many brides are opting for a wedding theme inspired by old farmhouses and décor. Of course, if you are planning a farmhouse wedding, you may be overwhelmed by the options when choosing a venue. With this guide, you will learn a few ideas to consider for your farmhouse wedding venue.

1. Outdoors

A simple outdoor space can become the perfect wedding venue for not only the ceremony but also the reception. Consider a wooded park with tall trees that can be rented out for special events. Hang battery-operated candle lanterns and string lights through the trees for a nighttime ceremony. Bring in simple wood log benches or folding chairs for seats.

While not technically farmhouse style, a wooded venue does enhance the rustic feel of your wedding theme. Another option to consider for your farmhouse-themed wedding is an outdoor space at a farm. Again, folding tables and chairs can be used for your guests. Use the farm as a backdrop during the ceremony. A lake retreat can also align with your farmhouse wedding. The lake or a gazebo out on the lake can become the perfect setting for you and your fiancé to exchange vows.

2. Barn

If you want shelter while still staying with your farmhouse theme, opt for a barn wedding. Many couples will choose to have their wedding ceremony outdoors or at their local church and then plan the reception in a large barn that will accommodate numerous guests.

Decorate the inside of the barn with candles and string lights, which can be arranged on tables and in corners and strung through the ceiling beams, respectively. Many wedding venue companies will also have packages with tables, chairs, and catering services already at the barn, reducing your need for extra planning.

3. Old Building

If you want to really think outside the box when it comes to your wedding, research local historical or old buildings that can be rented out for events. An industrial company, a manufacturing facility, an old church, or even a historical library may all offer special times when you can rent the building for your event. The combination of rustic appeal and history easily enhances the farmhouse feel you are hoping to achieve on your wedding day.

Planning a wedding does not have to be too difficult. This guide will help you understand there are many options for your farmhouse wedding venue