Three Ways To Enhance The Destination Wedding Experience For Your Guests

Planning a destination wedding, in which you'll travel somewhere sunny and warm with a group of family members and friends to get married, can be a lot of fun. While you'll want to devote much of your planning time to the ceremony and reception, you should also give some thought to what your guests will do on the other days that they're vacationing with you. While there's nothing wrong with lying on the beach or around the pool, some guests may get restless in this scenario. It's a good idea to put some thought into enhancing their experience. You can do so by planning the following things.

Group Day Trips

You'll be able to look online to find what attractions are situated within a reasonable proximity of your resort, and you can then get busy planning one or more day trips for your group. Depending on where you'll be getting married, there are likely many different options available for you. You can consult your group members in advance to confirm who will be interested in taking part in this outing, as you may need to confirm your numbers beforehand with your tour company. Whether it's a sightseeing bus tour or an opportunity to ride ATVs in the jungle, a day trip can enhance your guests' experience.

Improved Accommodations

It can be nice to also look at the types of accommodation that are available where you're getting married and consider upgrading them for your guests as a surprise. For example, beachside resorts often have a main building where most of the guests stay, but there may also be a series of smaller buildings closer to the beach. If you can, pay the difference between the former and the latter and surprise your guests with private beach villas. They'll enjoy waking up each morning to the sun rising over the water.


A destination wedding is all about celebrating, but many people will also appreciate an opportunity to learn. Talk to the resort about what educational options might be available to you. For example, dance lessons in which the participants learn one of the dances that is popular locally might be appealing. If there's a rock climbing wall at the resort, arranging a group lesson for anyone in your group who may be interested can be another good idea to consider. These simple ideas require some advanced planning but can augment the destination wedding experience for your guests.

Reach out to a destination wedding service to learn more.