Less Is More: 5 Reasons To Choose A Single Venue For Your Wedding And Reception

Planning a wedding is challenging. You can make it simpler for everyone with one easy decision: to stick with one venue for the whole day. How does this help lower stress and save money? Here are five ways.

1. Bundled Costs. Save money by purchasing one larger bulk bundle rather than negotiating with a lot of smaller vendors for small packages. Ask your chosen venues about package deals that include much of what you need. They are also more likely to throw in free services, such as a wedding coordinator, decorations, and extra rooms for getting ready. 

2. Less Travel. Everyone knows that wedding day timelines tend to go out the window once things get going. Save time and reduce the chance of delays by having everything — and everyone — in one place for the whole day. No traffic and parking problems to deal with, too. You'll save additional car and travel expenses and ensure that the whole bridal party is where you need them to be. 

3. Fewer Lost Items. Few things are more troublesome on a wedding day than discovering that you've left that one essential item behind. With a single venue for the day (or the weekend), you won't have to transport things between ceremony and reception locations. You won't have to search for bouquets, clothing pieces, or jewelry that are needed in both spaces. And you can outfit just one room for getting ready rather than multiple spaces. 

4. Easy Guest Access. Are your guests coming from out of town? Make their lives easier and your wedding more secure by giving them only one destination. If your venue is full service, this could even mean that they don't have to find other hotel accommodations or dining arrangements all weekend. And you'll get fewer calls from relatives and out-of-town friends looking for directions. 

5. One Venue Staff. Fewer locations means fewer event staff you have to work with. The single venue's manager and crews can get to know you better and you'll have more time to communicate and coordinate with them. You'll have less repetition and fewer contracts to negotiate. This allows more time for personalization and a focus on what matters to you.  

Which benefit appeals most to you? No matter whether it's more time to focus on the things that are important and decreased stress and money savings, the value of choosing a single wedding day venue is clear. Contact a company like Gold Canyon Golf Resort and Spa for more information and assistance.