3 Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding Reception At A Banquet Hall

If you want to hold your wedding reception inside of a banquet hall that will accommodate a large group of people, eating food as well as dancing later on, here are three tips that should help you save a little money on your banquet hall wedding reception.

#1 Get Creative About The Location

The first thing you need to do is get creative about the location. When people think of banquet halls, they almost immediately picture a large room inside of a hotel. However, hotels are not the only place that have banquet halls that you can rent and use for your wedding reception.

Many larger churches have banquet halls that you can rent out; you generally don't have to be a member of the church in order to rent or use their banquet hall. If your city has a recreation center, many rec centers are equipped with a banquet hall as well. If you have a local civic club in your area, such as the Lions or the Masons, they often have builds with banquet halls that they rent out as well.

Really look around and find the location that is best for your budget and the size of your wedding.

#2 Compare Catering Costs

Second, look closely at catering costs. Some banquet halls have built in caters that you can work with; using their in-house catering team may lower your bill. Other places require you to use an outside catering business and some places allow you to bring in your own food. Closely examine the different options that each banquet hall you are interested in affords you; food can cost a lot, and the more choices you have the more money you can save.

For example, if you can use the hotel catering for the main courses and your own baker for dessert. Try to find a banquet hall that will let you use the food option that is most affordable to you.

#3 Source Your Own Decorations

Finally, you can save money by sourcing your own decorations. Don't rent decorations from banquet hall. Instead, shop around and find the best deals for decorations. If you are working on your wedding about a year in advance, purchase decorations after they go out of season. For example, if you want to decorate with fake snow, buy it after Christmas time. Or if you want to decorate with red hearts, buy them after Valentine's Day.

Save money on your wedding reception by looking into different banquet hall locations, considering the food choices at the venue you choose, and sourcing the decorations yourself.