Unique Ways To Customize Your Wedding Aisle Runner

Wedding aisle runners don't just serve as a pathway to the site of your ceremony nuptials. The wedding runner is also an important design element. When designing your wedding runner, don't just think traditional. There are a number of ways you can enhance the look of your runner and make it personal.

Tell A Story

Let your wedding aisle runner tell a story. You have a couple of options for this. One idea is to add important dates from your relationship. For instance, at the opposite end of the runner from the ceremony site, add the date the two of you met or had your first date.

You can then add additional dates along the runner that culminate at the end of the runner nearest the ceremony, with the date of the wedding. If you don't want to add dates, you can even add pictures of the two of you together. Adding this personalized design feature to your runner will offer your guests a glimpse into you and your partner's story of love.

Think Dimensional

Aisle runners don't have to be flat. Add some dimension to your runner to make it more dramatic and appealing. Insert a border of raised flowers along the perimeter of the runner. You can even add a few raised flowers in the center of the runner, as well.

Should you choose this option, remember that you have to walk down the aisle. Don't choose a bulky flower design that will create a tripping hazard for you and the rest of your bridal party. Keep things simple.

Monogram The Runner

Another personalized design feature you can add to your wedding aisle runner are monogram accents featuring the initials of you and your partner. This design element will further personalize your ceremony space and make the banner a momentous keepsake. When considering monograms, think about the overall design of the space.

This is important for choosing a font style.

If your ceremony is more sophisticated or formal, such as in a cathedral, a Georgia or Times New Roman font style is better suited. For a ceremony in a more relaxed environment, such as a beach, a playful font style like Andy is an option.

The aisle runner serves as the centerpiece that completes the look of your wedding space. Make sure you consider the numerous ways you can increase the appeal of your runner and personalize it. Contact a company like Starry Night Design Studio to get started.