Choosing A Bridal Lehenga For Your Body Type

Although the celebration of you and your partner joining lives is the focus of your wedding ceremony, you also want to look great. If you're choosing a lehenga for your special day, don't just choose a color or pattern you like. It's also important to choose a design that will complement your body based on your shape.


Do you have minimal waist definition? Do you carry the same amount of weight on your lower half and your top half? If you answered yes to these questions, you likely have an apple body shape. In this case, you should consider a bridal lehenga with an empire style silhouette.

Skirts designed in this fashion rest just below the bust line, known as a high-waistline. For a person with minimal definition, an empire lehenga will rest on the smaller part of the waist, which can give the illusion of a smaller, defined waist.


An hourglass shape is thought to be the most proportional body make-up because it creates a more balanced look. An individual with this shape will have a well-defined waist and an upper half and lower half that are about the same size.

If you're in this category, consider yourself lucky. You can literally choose any lehenga design and it will complement your body. Simply find a fabric and design you like and go from there.


A pear shape is characterized as a body makeup where the lower half of your body, hips and thighs, are considerably larger when compared to the upper half of your body. A pear shape body will also generally have a well-defined waist. Drawing attention away from the lower half is often a goal.

You can minimize a large bottom half by choosing a lehenga with minimal detail. Save the detail for your blouse. A more modest skirt design will help deflect attention from the area.


Similar to an hourglass shape, someone with a rectangle body shape will have a lower and upper half that are proportional to one another; however, their waist is often the same width as well, offering a boxier look. Someone with this frame will generally have no curves.

With this body makeup, look for a lehenga that is very full or has a lot of volume. This style skirt can help make your lower half look larger than your upper half, which can create some dimension and the appearance of a curvier frame.

Finding the right lehenga for your special day will take some trial and error. Make sure you start your research early to find the best design for your body shape.