Learn How To Plan A Vow Renewal Ceremony In Vegas

If your anniversary is fast approaching and you do not know what to give your wife as a present, consider surprising her with a vow renewal ceremony. Planning a renewal ceremony doesn't have to be overly difficult. Everything can be handled when you arrive, if you choose to have your vow renewal in Vegas. The following guide walks you through everything you need to know about a wedding vow renewal ceremony in Vegas.

Wedding Chapels Now Allow for Live Web Feeds

Some of the wedding chapels now have the ability to stream your wedding online through a live feed. This allows your friends and family to see the renewal ceremony as it happens. Contact a chapel, like A Little White Wedding Chapel, for more help.

Wedding Chapels Are Open for Most of the Day

You can choose to renew your vows at just about any time of day you choose. If you have friends and family who live in a different time zone, you need to be sure that you have the wedding at a time when they can watch it with ease.

Wedding Chapels Have Everything You Need

When you go to the wedding chapels, there are dresses, tuxes, and shoes available for you to rent during your ceremony. There are also bouquets on-site so your wife can choose the exact flowers she wants to carry as she walks down the aisle.

Theme Weddings Are Also Available

If you are a truly creative couple, there are themed weddings available, as well. You could dress up as Tarzan and Jane, Bonnie and Clyde, or any other character costume they have available for you to wear. This can make your vow renewal ceremony even more unique.

Pictures Will be Taken of the Ceremony

There will be a photographer on staff at the wedding chapel who can take pictures of you and your wife before and after the ceremony. You will be able to order a package of the pictures to ensure you never forget the beautiful day.

Themed Officiants Are Also Available

There are themed officiants, such as Elvis, who can officiate your vow renewal, as well. They will walk, talk, and act just like the character they are portraying.

Your wife is sure to be surprised to find out that her fun anniversary trip to Vegas is really a chance for you and her to renew your vows. The renewal will be very special and show her how much you still love her after your many years together.