You Definitely Need To Rent Everything When You Hold A Backyard Wedding Reception

Small weddings are nice, and they are also very affordable. Yet, they can also take a toll on you if you try to do absolutely everything by yourself. Holding a very informal reception in your backyard with a bakery cake and catered food can be rather relaxing because you don't have to worry about cooking, and most people realize that. However, where they go wrong is in not renting things like linens and dishes, too. Read More 

Want A Complete Wedding Photo Collection? 3 Tips For Hiring A Photographer

Hiring the right vendors and coming up with a thorough strategy will help you have a smooth and enjoyable wedding. If you are determined to end up with a complete wedding photo collection, you should figure out everything that you need to make the collection feel complete. You will also want to consider various details when hiring a photographer to ensure a positive outcome. 1. Photographer Presence While the ceremony and reception are two events that you know your photographer will be photographing, you may not know about where you want them to be during the other hours. Read More 

Less Is More: 5 Reasons To Choose A Single Venue For Your Wedding And Reception

Planning a wedding is challenging. You can make it simpler for everyone with one easy decision: to stick with one venue for the whole day. How does this help lower stress and save money? Here are five ways. 1. Bundled Costs. Save money by purchasing one larger bulk bundle rather than negotiating with a lot of smaller vendors for small packages. Ask your chosen venues about package deals that include much of what you need. Read More 

Choosing A Venue For A Small Wedding: Three Options To Consider

Some couples prefer to keep their wedding guest lists short, providing the opportunity to host a small, more intimate affair. Finding the right venue for a small wedding can be a bit of a challenge for an engaged couple. A traditional wedding hall or banquet facility may provide more space than you need, and some venues may even have a minimum number of required guests. If you are looking to have a small wedding, here are a few venue options to consider. Read More 

3 Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding Reception At A Banquet Hall

If you want to hold your wedding reception inside of a banquet hall that will accommodate a large group of people, eating food as well as dancing later on, here are three tips that should help you save a little money on your banquet hall wedding reception. #1 Get Creative About The Location The first thing you need to do is get creative about the location. When people think of banquet halls, they almost immediately picture a large room inside of a hotel. Read More